Tuesday, February 06, 2007

A now we are ... 5

Hi again!
Long time no see.... but a lot of things have happend. It was as usual an exciting fall, with million of things to do. Like turning 40, nice, thanks to all friends that allowed me to celebrate for 3 days in a row and my family who cleaned up. In mid-december, a fifth member of the family join in, Neil. Born the day before I started Chalmers ( the same day I first met Lena) and from Cinncinatti he changed our life... a bit. Most of all since he will stay with us for the rest of his year in Sweden (ends in June/July) we had to clean out the guest room....Nice!
We had a really nice Christmas with not only our family, Neil and my mum, but also Henriks parents and brither and Ingela and her mother Birgitta.
In the begining of January my mum had a hip transplate - and she is recovering well we must say....

Today there are bright skies and a big sun, so I close the blinds and start working, see ya'


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