Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Recovery day

I managed to register my application for research grants 2 minutes before deadline.....Puh!
Today I have spent half the day lerning to enjoy gardening. It is really hard, but our garden is hugebig (as both we Swedes and people in Tenesse say) so you better enjoy it....
Together with Mum I raked all the oak leaves from the gravel court. It looks really nice afterwards. The weather is still April-type warm - cold, sun - rain...but i hope it is good for my newly seeded lawn. I don't think that the dog Ruff runs back and forth over it improves the chances to get a nice looking lawn, but I hope it won't ruin it.

Cicci came home early today, they had some extra hours off from school, that made our afternoon enjoyable. She usually goes to swimpractice directly after school and comes home late in the evening. So it was a treat to have lunch and coffe with her at home on a weekday. I think I need more of these recovery days in my life. The question is only where to find them?

Now, I should be off to bed.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

One day left --- the importance of inspiration

A bright new day lays ahead ... a day to be filled with writing. Because I have to finalize my application for research grants....and I have so little inspiration. Yesterday was spent looking for inspiration, while I put copies of my thesis into envelopes so it can be mailed soon. How boring....
I usually get inspiration when time is closing in, almost like a stress reaction I guess. But not today, so now only hard work is left.....

Friday, April 21, 2006

At last - my thesis is done....

I have actually come to the end of the road - my PhD thesis is printed and "nailed" that is accepted for public defense.... Oh, joy!
And we have found the first error in it a stupid minus-sign that is all gone....depressing!
Rain and grey skies in Lund today, clear skies and warmish spring evening at home at Onsala - GREAT! I even wore my TEVA-sandals (barefoot) as we walked the dog.

My great kids had made a luxury dinner, schrimp risotto and raspberry pafait. Yummy!
A glass of white whine didn't make it worse....

Tomorrow I will pull myself together and write the best postdoc application that I have ever written, should be smoth I have never written anything like it before.... :-)

So now I'm off to bed, I have quite a lot of sleep to catch up with.
Cheers, Kaisa

Monday, April 10, 2006

Spring again!

We had a remarkable long and snowy winter this year in the south west of Sweden where we live and after that rain and cold winds. But today - SUN- and I can see the first bulbs starting to bloom....Makes me happy. I spent last week in Kyoto, Japan when the cherry bloosoms was all around, pretty and fantastic, but I think I was as happy to see the first flowers in my garden. Now I will take a walk with the dog - Ruff- before he gets too bored.