Friday, March 23, 2007

Photovoltaic Kaisa ???

It's really odd, this time of the year I seem to be powered by the sun, like today, blue skies and a pink sunrise gives me a lot of energy. I feel almost photovoltaic (electricty generated from the sun rays). But when summer comes I really don't like the sun that much, I detest the heat and get really stressed by sunny days ( especially if the come to many in a row when I have vacation). Strange! I guess I have to work on my sun acceptance and learn to ease down.....
Well, today is no vacation day, so I should get going on my work...but the sun is so tempting :)
The picture shows a sunny day in Reykjavik, Iceland where
we had a really sunny vacation in 2005

I hope that your day will be filed with sun, joy and love!

See ya'!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Spring is here....

Already last week we had some spring flowers looking at us in the bright sun. But the weekend brought heavy winds and snow, hail and rain. So spring felt sort of far away....but today... bright blue sky, sun, flowers and birds anouncing that spring is here. Coffee on the deck outside our kitchen only and having to take of the sweatshirt ---yeah! I even was barefoot in my sandals, great feeling!

If you look closely under my links you will find the link to my knitting blog Kaisa's knitting need(le), since knitting is what enjoy as a hobby. Welcome also to that spot in cyber-space, eventually it will be crowded with yarns and needles as well as crazy ideas and patterns.

Enjoy spring where ever you are !