Friday, March 23, 2007

Photovoltaic Kaisa ???

It's really odd, this time of the year I seem to be powered by the sun, like today, blue skies and a pink sunrise gives me a lot of energy. I feel almost photovoltaic (electricty generated from the sun rays). But when summer comes I really don't like the sun that much, I detest the heat and get really stressed by sunny days ( especially if the come to many in a row when I have vacation). Strange! I guess I have to work on my sun acceptance and learn to ease down.....
Well, today is no vacation day, so I should get going on my work...but the sun is so tempting :)
The picture shows a sunny day in Reykjavik, Iceland where
we had a really sunny vacation in 2005

I hope that your day will be filed with sun, joy and love!

See ya'!

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