Friday, April 21, 2006

At last - my thesis is done....

I have actually come to the end of the road - my PhD thesis is printed and "nailed" that is accepted for public defense.... Oh, joy!
And we have found the first error in it a stupid minus-sign that is all gone....depressing!
Rain and grey skies in Lund today, clear skies and warmish spring evening at home at Onsala - GREAT! I even wore my TEVA-sandals (barefoot) as we walked the dog.

My great kids had made a luxury dinner, schrimp risotto and raspberry pafait. Yummy!
A glass of white whine didn't make it worse....

Tomorrow I will pull myself together and write the best postdoc application that I have ever written, should be smoth I have never written anything like it before.... :-)

So now I'm off to bed, I have quite a lot of sleep to catch up with.
Cheers, Kaisa

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