Thursday, September 14, 2006

A long summer...

I'm back, if someone accidentally missed me. After my dissertation defense in late May I spent some weeks in Belgium and France. Thereafter I had a long vacation at home and started of work by going to North America. It all summed up to a nice and long summer, it is still summer warm days here in Sweden, but not as freaking warm as they were in July. But I have a cold...boring. After 2 ½ days in bed with really high temperatures I now is up in the middle of the night.
I hope I will recover soon, I would like to get back to everyday life - with work and routines. Which in all cases must be an utopia since my life never is very organized. I guess I nourish the dream oforganization therefore.

The long summer also resulted in a loss of 3 rabbits - sold to a nice young family with more enthusiastic kids, and no hens - they were to old. Leaves us with only the dog and my mum's crazy cat and the the two kids. Both of them at Junior high now, weird feeling. It was not long ago the started kindergarten.... Am I getting old??

I'll guess I should get some more sleep so I can conquer the cold/flu...
But before signing off I would like to invite you to the next post in my blogg ---which will be a recipe for raspberry mango crumble oat pie.....

See ya'!

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